April 4, 2012

The latest crop of entries in our Reporter Contest are posted below. It looks like we will have a challenge selecting the right two people to join the Infowars team as reporters because of the response we are receiving from talented folks who want to take the struggle against tyranny to the next level.

Follow this link to see the previous video entries.
The Reporter Contest page.

Infowars Nightly News – FDA coverup of GMO petition signers

Infowars Reporter Contest Entry 5 Kyle Phillips: Why is race such an issue

Alex Jones Reporter Contest Entry

THE CORRECT VIEWS (4 1 2012)-INFOWARS ENTRY, Nuclear Obama, Japan Infants Die, Apple

Infowars Reporter Contest – Curveball Lied, Thousands of U.S. Soldiers Died Reporter Contest 004 – Awake The Masses & Resist Tyranny

Kyle Phillips Infowars Reporter Contest Entry 4: Safe Water

Kyle Phillips Infowars Reporter Contest Entry 3: NDAA


Infowars Reporter Contest – Prometheus (Secrets of Prometheus Film Leaked) and GMO

Infowars Reporter Contest – Sheriff Arpaio…Obama’s Records Are Missing

Infowars Reporter Contest – TacoCopter…Fake or Military Psyop?

Flashpoint Radio Mar 30– reporter contest–China vs U.S.

Alex Jones Reporter Contest Entry 2: Clarificaaaaation

Infowars Reporter Contest Entry 2 Kyle Phillips

*BREAKING NEWS* DHS Priming Americans For New Domestic Terror Threat – Infowars Reporter

Federal Agent says “I’ve never seen that before!” UN Agenda 21, Bird’s Point Levee

Infowars Reporter Contest Entry 1 Kyle Phillips

The real “mystery” behind the Babylonian “mystery” religion.

Ron Paul Assassination?

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