Kurt Nimmo
October 10, 2011

Photos by Hoanglan Nguyen

photoSocialist and so-called progressive groups tried to cash-in on OWS momentum.

Last week Infowars.com reporter Rob Jacobson went to Liberty Square on Manhattan to investigate and report back on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Infowars.com has filed in-depth reports on coordinated efforts to co-opt and takeover the OWS movement by so-called progressive Democrats and others on the false left who are eager to exploit the movement’s energy and momentum.

On October 5, an OWS march included corporatized labor unions, the Soros front group MoveOn.org, assorted socialist and community groups and other variegated spawn of establishment foundations and NGOs. Predictably, the corporate media played up this aspect of the march from Foley Square to the Financial District and presented a distorted view of OWS, even though the opportunists were in the minority.

Jacobson’s report, aired on the Alex Jones Show (see videos below), revealed a different character to the OWS movement than the one offered by the corporate media as well as websites run by and associated with “progressive” organizations.

Rob discovered that many OWS supporters believe the Federal Reserve must be eliminated if they are going to take control of their destiny and put an end to the system of perpetual debt slavery imposed on them by international banksters. Many OWS supporters arrived at this realization as a result of the brazen student load debt slavery scam run by the banksters.

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OWS obviously is not a homogenous group and not all understand the system of financial enslavement imposed on America since 1913 (with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act). Regardless, many do not subscribe to the simplistic carte blanche demand of the millionaire Marxist Michael Moore that capitalism must go and putting an end to the Federal Reserve is irrelevant.

Capitalism is the engine that has served in the past to build a prosperous nation. It is the banksters – many on Wall Street but most in Washington, Brussels and the City of London – who have perverted what Adam Smith defined as virtuous and largely beneficial to the whole of society in his magnum opus, The Wealth of Nations.

The concept of free market economies has been perverted by the monopoly men of the global elite into a license backed by violence and fear to loot, plunder, murder, and enslave humanity. It is not capitalism.

Many OWS folks understand this reality and do not blame the philosophy of capitalism for the perversion of the bankers and their corporatist (and thus fascist) minions, but instead are now beginning to realize – sometimes dimly, often with keen visceral perception – who is to blame and what must be done before America and the world as a whole encounters the end game of the elite: global totalitarianism with a high-tech surveillance and police state control grid overlay.

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