Donald Trump’s new official campaign video, which counters critics who have blamed Trump for inciting violence, features a segment from an Infowars video detailing the violence committed by Bernie Sanders supporters during last week’s cancelled rally in Chicago.

UPDATE: The video was subsequently removed from Trump’s official Facebook page but can be seen below.

The video features a clip from ‘The Truth About the Anti-Trump Chicago Riot’ – which has garnered almost 700,000 views on YouTube since the weekend.

The footage shows Sanders supporters blocking ambulances, assaulting people and firing guns in the air.

The rest of the video is a rousing look at how the Trump phenomenon has blossomed, and includes comments from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros expressing their determination to stop Trump from becoming president.

The Trump campaign video also features a segment from a Mark Dice video in which he utters the line “rent boy Marco Rubio”.

“Did anyone really think the people destroying America were going to relinquish power peacefully?” asks the tag line at the end of the clip.

The video obtained well over half a million views within the first 2 hours of its release on Facebook.

Donald Trump himself appeared on the Alex Jones Show back in December. His former advisor and close confidante Roger Stone is also a regular guest.

Find out more about how the elite are targeting Trump in the video below.


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