October 19, 2012

Alex issued a challenge to the Newspaper department and Nightly News department to see who could make the best video passing out the new glossy Infowars Magazine.

Last weekend, Infowarriors headed to the nexus point of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, one of the largest music festivals attended by 70,000 people each day during the 3-day event. They obtained lots of cool time-lapse video. Watch all the entries below now.

The winner will get $1,000 and will be announced during our 48-hour Money Bomb Two Days To Wake Up The World transmission.

Two videos came from the Newspaper department:

Four videos from the Nightly News department:

Please cast your vote in the comments below.

And don’t forget to get your subscription to the new Infowars Magazine which will now be all glossy. Help spread the Print 2.0 Revolution.

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