A message from Infowars to the voters who support Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Transcript of video:

I’ve seen signs at several businesses throughout Austin who were staunch supporters of Ron Paul 4 years ago, now with Bernie Sanders signs.

To many it may not make sense because they are polar opposites ideologically, but there is some common ground.

Both Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders followed their principles consistently over decades of public office — in a word, authentic. You know what these guys are about. Both Ron Paul & Bernie Sanders had a long association with a mainstream political party that they were never really a part of — never a part of the club, never a part of the establishment. It’s why the establishment hates them. It’s why we identify with them.

We’re not in that club either.

And the supporters of both of these men speak of the movement behind their candidates as a “revolution.”

But the system is obdurate. It hates change. The establishment of both parties each has its ways of controlling access to power.

An article today on the Drudge Report speaks of the Undemocratic Democrat Party rules.

At issue are the superdelegates, the superheroes of the party: current office holders, former office holders, party apparatchiks and — lobbyists. In fact, 1 out of 7 (14%) of the superdelegates are lobbyists or former lobbyists.

Bernie Sanders started out as a 450 delegate underdog. Hillary was one sixth of the way to the finish line before the first vote was cast. So far, 7 million people have voted. But 473 people, that none of us know, account for 42% of the delegates so far. In last night’s Michigan election, Hillary lost but got more delegates.

Both parties are dishonest and oppressive.

The political parties should be abolished or replaced with new parties. But with the rules currently in place, the best we can hope for is a hostile takeover.

A hostile takeover is easier under the rules of the Republican party.

As Nate Silver of 538 pointed out, the rules in the Republican Party are not as restrictive as the Democrat Party’s rules.

And it helps if you have a billionaire who doesn’t need the money of the multinational, corporate donors.

Donald Trump doesn’t have the grandfatherly demeanor of Ron Paul or Bernie Sanders, but as gruff as he may be, he is not dependent on establishment donors and he’s willing to fight.

And there’s some commonality between Trump, Bernie Sanders & Ron Paul.

Like Bernie and Ron, Trump has also stood consistently and alone against the establishment for decades.

Trump’s stand has been in opposition to unfair trade that is taking our jobs and destroying our economy 35 years ago he paid $100,000 for an ad in the NY Times to oppose the trade and war policies of the multinational corporations — the globalists. He has opposed the Republican orthodoxy of so-called “free trade” and of being the world’s policeman.

And he has said it to their face.

He has called for:
• ending NAFTA
• auditing the Fed
• releasing the secret 28 pages of the 9/11 report

He will stop TPP & TTIP and stop exporting jobs.

Neocons and those who want to provoke wars for profit for the military industrial complex are his biggest critics. For all his bluster, he has long criticized American militarism and confronted JEB, to his face, on the lies about “weapons of mass destruction” that were used to start the Iraq War.

But most of all, he’s not a part of the club.

Globalists hate him. Multinational corporations hate him. The political establishment hates him and the warmongers hate him. Think about it!

He’s closer to Bernie than he is to Hillary.

And no one personifies cronyism and corruption more than Hillary Clinton. She must be defeated.

Bloomberg said he would enter the race to stop Bernie and Trump if Hillary wasn’t the nominee. Bloomberg understands what’s at stake.

FOX news and the establishment understand what’s at stake. Do you?

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