CNN and Jim Acosta deceptively edited a video to cover Jim’s ass after he overpowered a young, female White House intern.

This trove of information has been blocked by social media giants and the tech elite, so share this link to fight back against internet censorship.

Midterm Winners Include Indicted, Jailed — Even Dead People

ABC’s The View Calls For Arrest Of White House Aid Assaulted By Creepy Jim Acosta

The Truth About The California Shooting

Expert: America Is A Soft Target For Asymmetrical Warfare / ANTIFA Riots

Former California Poll Worker: It’s Easy To Rig Elections

Infowars Reporter Falsely Accused Of Doctoring Video Speaks Out

Michale Graves: The Left Is Trying To Usher 1,000 Years Of Darkness Into America

Sessions Firing Kills Qanon; Plus Meet Trumps Deep State Demolition Man

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