March 9, 2012

On the Friday, March 9 edition of Infowars Nightly News, host Aaron Dykes talks with Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, founder and Medical Director of the Homefirst Health Services. Eisenstein is the author of Making An Informed Vaccine Decision.

Aaron runs through the news, including:

The threat of AI, or Artificial Intenlligence to humanity.

A recent court ruling that has forced the FBI to shut down tracking decices.

Camo cops go wild in Pittsburgh and show their real colors as a worker goes postal and kills a fellow worker.

The FBI director seems bewildered about the Fourth Amendment and has failed to distance himself from the frightening prospect of state sponsored assassinations of citizens.

The FBI director is also grilled about the release of the supposedly deceased Pentagon dinner guest al-Awlaki in 2002.

The continuing saga of the LulzSec hacker takedown and its troublesome links to the FBI and the CIA.

More on the Obama and Pentagon coup d’etat nullifying the U.S. Constitution.

Coke and Pepsi have had made changes to avoid disclosing cancer risks from their products.

And a mysterious illness in Baltimore that has killed three family members.

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