May 1, 2013

Self-described “gonzo” journalist Roger Nicholson made an appearance on Infowars Nightly News Tuesday and defended the establishment and the heavy-handed paramilitary response to an unarmed teenager by the police in Boston.

Mr. Nicholson had earlier berated Infowars journalist Dan Bidondi for daring to pose questions not on the script during Boston bombing news conferences. Nicholson posted a video of the “encounter” – a one-sided expletive laced tirade – on Youtube. MSNBC and the corporate media have used the video as part of a concerted attack on Alex Jones.

During his appearance on MSNBC yesterday, Nicholson characterized Bidondi’s questions as a “hijacking.” He said it angered him that Infowars dared send a reporter to cover the events. “I just felt very angry that Infowars came to my town to start making show material,” he told Martin Bashir.

Nicholson apparently does not disagree with MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the establishment media also making “show material” of a national news story. The presence of the alternative media angered him.

Nicholson told anchor Rob Dew that he supports the First Amendment. However, he contradicted this during his video attack on Bidondi. “What you say is dangerous and people like you shouldn’t be able to drive a car much less espouse your opinions in public,” he said, not allowing Bidondi to respond.

Mr. Nicholson did not say who he thinks should enforce politically correct speech. His defense of the government and the establishment, however, would lead us to believe he would enthusiastically support authoritarian measures to curtail free speech he considers politically incorrect or dangerous. Other liberals have also argued for government censorship of their opponents and have characterized criticism of Obama and his policies as racist.

Nicholson went on to claim British citizen Piers Morgan, who has consistently attacked the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment from his bully pulpit on CNN, is more patriotic than Alex Jones and Infowars.

“He is a better American than you,” Nicholson argued, apparently unaware that Morgan is a citizen of the United Kingdom. He said the government should decide who will be allowed to exercise the Second Amendment and stated “rednecks” should be barred from owning firearms.

He refused to talk about other issues, including the FBI’s well-documented effort to create fake terror plots for propaganda purposes. “I don’t believe your version of what you’re saying,” he argued after admitting he is ignorant of the FBI story, which appeared in the New York Times.

The Roger Nicholson interview demonstrates the mindset of the average Obama supporting liberal. It reveals that such people are woefully ignorant of the facts. Sadly, they only believe what they are fed through establishment media channels like MSNBC and CNN and dismiss information contrary to the script prepared by the establishment.

The establishment media has managed to create individuals who not only have closed minds and are no longer capable of processing information contrary to official propaganda, but who will defend – with expletives and ad hominem attacks – the establishment’s misinformation, distortions, and lies.

“History is Kryptonite to this man,” Alex Jones said after the interview. In other words, history and historical fact are the ultimate weakness of individuals like Roger Nicholson and will prove to be their downfall.

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