Paul Joseph Watson
Infowars Nightly News
September 28, 2011

Coming up on Infowars Nightly News at 7PM CST, Alex welcomes guest Webster Tarpley to discuss the ongoing NATO bombardment and civil war in Libya, as well as why Al-Qaeda publicly backs the official 9/11 fable.

Infowars Nightly News

Alex also covers the recent controversy concerning an MSNBC talking head labeling the Associated Press “racist” for accurately transcribing Barack Obama’s recent Black Caucus speech. Alex documents how Obama, Rick Perry, and Hillary Clinton have all adopted the speech styles of the audience they are talking to as a gimmick, and why the “racist” charge is another attempt to demonize all criticism, or merely unsympathetic portrayal, of Obama as bigotry.

We also cover the latest on electronic voting machine fraud, including how “Anyone with about $10, physical access to a Diebold voting machine and rudimentary knowledge of electronics can remotely hack into the device.”

As the militarization of law enforcement continues its creeping lurch towards martial law, Alex covers the announcement that the Air Force is now working with local police in Wyoming to combat underage drinking.

Infowars Nightly News

Mad scientists are trying to geo-engineer the climate by blocking out the sun in the name of preventing “global warming,” a cause that was again promoted at Australia’s first geoengineering summit recently. Alex explains how geoengineering is already taking place through chemtrails and why this represents a dangerous threat to our environment.

Also coming up tonight – disturbing footage out of New Zealand showing the horrible side-effects of vaccines.

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