Hillary Clinton Plans To Completely Destroy Our Borders

Hillary Clinton isn’t satisfied with the number of “immigrants” and “refugees” Obama is bringing in and wants to drastically increase that number.

As revealed in recent emails from WikiLeaks, Clinton has told the banking elite that she want’s “open borders.”

Alex Jones: Hillary Clinton Is A Gun Grabbing Witch

Alex Jones shows his true feeling for Hillary Clinton and her 2nd Amendment lies.

Hillary Lies To Demonize 2nd Amendment

Joe Biggs calls out Hillary Clinton on one of her many lies from the final presidential debate.

Hillary wants a Supreme Court that would arrest her ASS

Hillary Clinton said she wants a Supreme Court that would stand with the American people and not private interests.

Hillary Supports Post Birth Abortion

Donald Trump goes after crooked Hillary Clinton on her stance support the killing of a child up until the day the child is born.

Debate Highlight Trump Is A 2nd Amendment Pillar

Trump will protect the right that ensures all the others.

Breaking: Trump Calls Clinton Foundation Corrupt Organization

Donald Trump hits Hillary with her crimes against the people of Haiti and how her foundation kept the donations that were meant to rebuild the country.

Proven: Hillary Clinton Is TPP Puppet

Wikileaks and Donald Trump once more remind the public that Hillary Clinton called the TPP the ‘gold standard’ for trade deals.

Hillary Clinton: Fear Russia, Ignore Wikileaks

Hillary Clinton is desperately trying to scare the American people with boogeyman of Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Trump: Hillary Is A Puppet

Donald Trump calls out Hillary Clinton for being nothing more than a puppet for special interests and the pure evil George Soros.

How Hillary Will Pay For Her Plans: The American People

Hillary Clinton brags that she will pay for everything on her agenda, Owen Shroyer calls her out because it’s the American taxpayer who is really footing the bill.

Hilary Clinton Is An Open Border Pig Goblin

Clinton lies to the American people about her immigration policies.

Hillary Presidency Means Immediate War With Russia

Hillary Clinton wants nothing more than to go to war with Russia and Vladimir Putin after blaming them for hack they clearly had nothing to do with.

Hillary Clinton Admits Elections Flooded By “Dark Unaccountable Money”

Hillary Clinton claims that she wants a Supreme Court that will stand up for the American people against special interests.

Hillary’s Wall Of Lies Around Herself During Debate

It’s so funny watching this creature try to lie her way out of a paper bag.

Trump Relies On Intelligence Hillary Relies On Ignorance

It is more obvious than ever what separates Trump and Clinton on how they view their voters.

Trump made a statement tonight on how he relies on American voters seeing through propaganda, while Wikileaks emails show Democrats rely on voter ignorance.

OMG! Hillary Blurts Out Ultimate Haiti Lie During Debate

Hillary Clinton had the audacity to say her foundation gave 97% of it’s money to Haiti after the earthquake which is an outright lie.

Conclusion Based On Experience For Upcoming Election

Our reporters have been following this election cycle ad-nauseam, and a few things have remained consistent.

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