As Infowars predicted, leftist violence has escalated to unbelievable levels as a crazed anti-Trump gunman opened fire in a Pittsburgh synagogue, killing at least eight people and wounding several others.

A return to civility in politics is key to deescalate violence and bring back normal dialogue before more blood is shed. This means the mainstream media has a responsibility to lead the charge in this effort, as they’ve been front-and-center in creating over-the-top rhetoric against conservatives.

Over the past weeks and months, Alex Jones and Infowars have made several predictions on this subject, which you can view below:

Democrats Call For Civil War If Republicans Are Elected In Midterms

Obama Activates His Domestic Army To Carry Out Violent Attacks Ahead Of Election

The Democrats Have Created, Formed, And Mobilized An Angry Mob

Democrats Attempt To Blame Their Violence On Republicans

Hillary Clinton Calls For Civil War In America

Also watch Infowars’ breaking live coverage and analysis of the Deep State-backed synagogue shooting:

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