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Monday, April 12, 2010

Infowars Reader Harassed By Cops Over Militia Fears 120410top2

An Infowars reader was stopped and harassed by Kansas Highway police on Thursday night for the crime of displaying political bumper stickers, with cops expressing fears of affiliations with “militia groups,” another frightening example of how police are being trained to treat any form of peaceful dissent as a sign of domestic terror.

Following the recent Hutaree militia raids, which were prompted after an FBI agent infiltrated the group and apparently got them to make vaguely violent statements, establishment propaganda has reached fever pitch with the manufactured threat such groups supposedly pose being hyped beyond all proportion in an effort to demonize all legitimate political dissent against big government as a sign of extremism.

“At 1:07am this morning, my daughter was traveling from Oklahoma to our house for an overnight visit with her two children,” writes Chris Harbert. “She has numerous bumper stickers on her car. There were two who seemed to catch the attention of a Kansas Highway Patrolman. One says that 911 was an inside job. The other says Live Free or Die. Both stickers were from infowars. The patrolman pulled her over and apparently asked for her DL and insurance.”

“She said he walked back to the back of the car and looked at the back of her car,” Herbert continues. “She said she could see him leaning over to look at her in her mirror and speaking on his radio. He was in his car for around 30 minutes. When he brought her documentation back, she said she asked him if she was going to be detained. She said he didn’t reply. He told her “Let this be a warning, people who have 911 bumper stickers are affiliated with militia groups.” She said she waited for him leave and then left the scene of the stop.”

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People have been getting harassed by police over bumper stickers for years, in August 2008 we reported on how a couple in Las Vegas were stopped and had their car searched for the crime of displaying a Ron Paul bumper sticker, but the policy was really crystallized in the widely lambasted MIAC report, which demonized people who display bumper stickers alongside domestic terrorists such as Timothy McVeigh and advised Missouri police to be on the lookout for people displaying bumper stickers and other paraphernalia associated with the Constitutional, Campaign for Liberty, and Libertarian parties.

Just a few months after the MIAC controversy exploded, Shreveport resident Robert Baillio was pulled over by cops and had his gun confiscated for daring to display pro-second amendment bumper stickers. Expressing support for the contents of a document which police are supposed to protect and defend is now a thought crime and a hallmark of domestic terrorism.

“While the officer who pulled him over says Baillio failed to use his turn signal, the only questions he had for Baillio concerned guns: Whether he had a gun, where the gun was, and if he was a member of the NRA. No requests for a driver’s licence, proof of insurance, or vehicle registration — and no discussion of a turn signal,” one blog reported at the time of the incident.

When Baillio enquired as to why he was being asked different questions to the usual procedure, the cop pointed at the back of his truck, which was festooned with American flags and pro-liberty messages. Baillio had made the mistake of thinking he still lived in a free country.

The fact that cops are being trained that having an anti-establishment political opinion is now a potential red flag indicating domestic terrorism and people who display such dissent by way of bumper stickers should be harassed and oppressed is yet another clear signal that America is now a police state.

Just because the sun still comes up, the skies are still blue, families are having barbeques, and children are laughing and playing doesn’t mean that we haven’t entered a new historical period of tyranny.

Of course the obvious solution to this oppression is simply to be bold and ensure your political dissent is proudly displayed to an even greater degree. It is not abnormal or an indication of dangerous extremism to have original thoughts and to express political opinions, and the only people who would argue otherwise are themselves abnormal and should be shamed for the anti-American thugs they are.

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