In the matter of public interest – and adhering to the public’s right to access juror information – Infowars has learned that former Obama insider Sylvia Burwell was selected as a prospective juror for Roger Stone’s trial.

Specific details were already released by other news outlets, including the fact that Burwell, already a public figure, had a prominent position at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) directly under former President Obama.

“[The] first juror was an only-in-D.C. character, a former Obama-era press secretary for the Office of Management and Budget whose husband still works at the Justice Department division that played a role in the Russia probe that ultimately snagged Stone,” Politico reported. “She even acknowledged to having negative views of President Donald Trump, and said she had followed the media coverage of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.”

Later, Burwell was selected to head the Department of Health and Human Services during Obama’s second term.

She first worked for the federal government under Bill Clinton, serving as the deputy director for the OMB under his administration.

Her background led to Stone’s lawyers asking the court to strike her from prospective jury duty over perceived bias, but the judge said no, adding that she would not strike potential jurors if they have strong opinions about President Trump, notwithstanding that Roger Stone was an influential player in Trump’s successful White House run.

Watch the Alex Jones Show for more bombshells on the Roger Stone trial.

Note from Alex Jones: The fake news kingpins over at the Daily Beast are claiming that we have identified the wrong Obama administration official. The Daily Beast also falsely claimed that we had a grim reaper on the show to try and intimidate and threaten the jurors. That is completely false.

Anyone who watched the show knows that the grim reaper was on the show talking about the fact that no one is buying the claim that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide.

Mrs. Burwell is the only person from the Obama administration that matches the description that Reuters, Politico and others gave that the woman was a spokesperson for the Office of Budget & Management and that her husband is a lawyer who worked with the Justice Dept. on the Mueller probe.

Now, it is entirely possible that Reuters, Politico and others got their reporting wrong and that we have matched the wrong person because of the false reporting they put out. Regardless, that’s why there shouldn’t be all this attempted unconstitutional secrecy in jury selection and why the Supreme Court has ruled that jury identities and even their home addresses are public so that this type of speculation is not rife.

What we do know is that the judge did try to seat an Obama administration official whose husband did work at the Justice Dept., and again, according to these facts, this is the only person it matches. If someone can show us  that we’re wrong, we’ll be happy to correct it.

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