April 18, 2012 Reporter Contest Entry: John Muller

Flashpoint Radio April 12-Blackwater video, bailout for a carwash, and cell phone kill switch

Keeping it Real segment 2 Are you actually an adult 10min version

SuperBigbadman’s first interview for the Alex Jones Reporter Contest

Infowars Reporter Contest – Tyranny In Southwest Florida

FDA/Gates Foundation Gatekeepers for NWO – InfoWars Reporter Contest

Infowars Reporters’ Rights Violated – Infowars Reporter Contest Entry

Infowars Reporter Contest: Hoodies

Infowars Reporter Contest: Gus – Buffet Rule, Impeach Obama 2012 Sunday Edition: Photoshop

Info Wars Reporter Contest Submission: “Green Fascism,” To Blame For Andrew Wordes’ Death

Flashpoint Radio April 10–Santorum out. Romney wins, right? What about Ron?

Bees Die We’re Dead

Murdered for Mother Earth

Infowars HipHop Song

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