April 11, 2012

America is collapsing from within. Is society destined to descend into violence and division? Infowars Reporter contestants give their take and interview the public on the Trayvon shooting, the media’s response and more.

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Infowars Reporter Contest Entries
Infowars Contest: Massive Explosion of Patriot Reporters

TJ Smith Infowars Contest Submission #2
Report by TJ Smith

Infowars Reporter Anchor Contest Entry – NDAA and Trayvon Martin
Report by Christian Andrew ( co-founder, founder,

Plus exclusive interview with local Sanford resident regarding the case and and an update regarding the occupation of armed members of the National Socialist Movement to counter the calls for violence from the New Black Panther Party…

UPDATE (4-9-10 12:09PM)
Right now the Sanford Police Department is being overrun by citizens trying to gain access to the building which is currently closed (and was closed last weekend when we did our initial report) We will be on the scene within the hour to do a follow up)

Sanford Police Department Shut Down Due To Dream Defenders Protest 4-9-12 Reporter Contest 006 . The New Black Panthers Call For Violence Against Whites

Reporter: Douglas Piper
Newly released audio has New Black Panther members calling for the bloodshed of Whites while leading politicos eye gun control and challenge of Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

HATRED EVERYWHERE: Flashpoint Radio April 6-Trayvon Martin, Kendrec McDade.

Reporter: Jay Zvirgzdins

Tonight we discuss the heightened tension in the inner cities involving the deaths of young black men. Trayvon Martin is discussed, as is Kendrec McDade, the 19 yo shot and killed by a police officer in Pasadena, CA. Why are we putting up with all this hate and resentment? Blaming it on the guns attempts to get you off the hook. We are all to blame simply for being hateful and apathetic. None of us is good enough to judge another, so how is it we seem to think we are worthy to dole out punishment??

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