Infowars reporter Joe Biggs responds to “Fat Delta Guy’s” interview.

On the weekend prior to the Ferguson Grand Jury’s announcement regarding whether to indict officer Darren Wilson, Infowars reporters spotted several men outfitted in suspicious attire and wearing ear pieces in the parking lot of the Clayton courthouse.

Former Army Staff Sergeant and Infowars reporter Joe Biggs, who has carried out multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, reported that the men could possibly be Army Special Forces operatives, possibly from Delta Force, due to the manner by which they conducted themselves and their attire.

Additionally, North Carolina license plates were spotted on the vehicle driven by the operatives, leading to speculation as to whether the men possibly originated from Fort Bragg, “Home of the Airborne and Special Operations,” and also home to the super-secretive Army division known as Delta Force.

The fact that Missouri Governor Jay Nixon had promised to activate 2,200 National Guard troops in anticipation of possible rioting (which units on the ground did very little to prevent anyway), and news that the FBI (itself known for procuring agent provocateurs) had deployed 100 agents also made Infowars suspicious of the men.

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