Just as Infowars predicted in early 2017, the Deep State is working with political elements of the FBI, the intelligence community and Democrats to overthrow President Trump.

Over the past two weeks, multiple media outlets and political commentators reported on the McCabe/Rosenstein silent coup, which revolved around the attempted use of the 25th Amendment to oust the president, that Infowars reported was the plan nearly two years ago.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh encapsulated the situation on his show last Thursday:

So this is kind of classic. We have Andrew McCabe and his new book. Now, this guy was one of the ringleaders of this coup to get rid of Donald Trump, and he’s got a new book out, and 60 Minutes is helping him push and promote the book, and he is bragging about this. He is bragging about his efforts to undermine and overthrow Trump. He’s admitting, essentially, that he and his buddies put in motion a silent coup to get rid of Donald Trump. He admits that the talk of wiring Rosenstein to entrap Trump in an Oval Office conversation was real.

None of the ringleaders were elected by the American people, as Limbaugh pointed out on Friday:

I want to go back to McCabe and his book. Here is a guy who is writing a book and profiting — earning money — on his admission, essentially, that he was running a silent coup to overturn a presidential election.

And every one of the people he was working with… McCabe working with Comey and Bruce Ohr and James Baker/Jim Baker in the FBI, and Clapper and Brennan and all the others. Rosenstein. Not one of them has ever been elected to anything. Not one of them has any kind of a mandate from anybody in the American people to do what they were doing, and they were running an effort to undermine a duly elected president. It was a coup, and the media was in on it, and they continue.

The 25th Amendment, ratified after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, provides the procedure for replacing the president in the event of “death, removal, resignation, or incapacitation” – and these ringleaders were hoping to overthrow the president through the “incapacitation” clause, talks of which began in 2017 as part of the Deep State’s “Continuity of Government” (COG) program to remove the president, as Infowars pointed out in early 2017.

As reported at the time, the COG procedures, which were first drafted during the Cold War to ensure the government’s survival during a nuclear war, could be exploited to ensure the Deep State’s survival when it doesn’t control the White House.

Furthermore, in May 2017 Infowars highlighted an article from the New Yorker magazine that reported on how members of Congress – and other creatures of DC – were holding “secret conversation” on removing the president.

The article’s author, Evan Osnos, claimed to have “interviewed several dozen people about the prospects of cutting short Trump’s Presidency,” including “his friends and advisers; to lawmakers and attorneys who have conducted impeachments; to physicians and historians; and to current members of the Senate, the House, and the intelligence services.”

The atmosphere of intrigue is why some analysts were skeptical when Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein claims to have been “joking” about wearing a wire into the Oval Office.

Last week, McCabe said the offer wasn’t a joke and that the idea was actually discussed with the FBI’s general counsel.

Democrats will do anything to remove President Trump from office and have now admitted there was a coup to invoke the 25th Amendment.

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