rocketed into 84th place on SimilarWeb’s Top 100 U.S. Media Publications list – an astonishing 31 position jump from September to October.

“Last but not least,, known for its acclaimed host and conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones made an extraordinary leap of 31 spots advancing to 84th in October’s ranking,” they noted in the blurb above their latest chart.

Scroll to #84:

It’s important to note the website is only a small part of our platform – about 23%. For many other sites, their only reach is their website.

Infowars has also been re-instated on Quantcast’s list of top websites to number 126 on the list after the company had apparently de-listed at the same time that the mainstream media was circulating a list of “fake news websites” that included big conservative news outlets such as Infowars and Breitbart.


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