Nothing said on The War Room with Owen Shroyer and Roger Stone violated any of Facebook’s standards.

Banning anyone for guilt by association with Infowars and Alex Jones, Facebook has scored a victory for censorship.

Roger Stone was able to reach too many people on this alternative outlet, combatting heavily censored propaganda from mainstream media outlets.

The only way for the elite to stop the message of truth from getting out is to silence it.

Alex Jones is patient zero in the war on information while censorship of political voices has been sold to the public as a purge of unwanted information.

By accepting this, the public is signing a death warrant on the First Amendment.

When the truth is detremental to the power structure, you see an authoritarian effort to censor opposition take form.

The current target of choice is political operative Roger Stone and his Infowars show The War Room which was recently banned from Facebook.

Christy Edwards Lawton, creator of, went on the War Room to discuss her inspiration to fight back against mainstream outlets censoring conservatives.

Owen Shroyer and Lawton dissected the battle against the anti-free speech left.

Read more about the termination of Infowars-related Facebook pages here.

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