A rider from the Hunan Province in Southern China crashed his scooter earlier this week, supposedly while using his cell phone. As stupid as that sounds, it gets worse. Photo’s released from the Peoples Daily Online, show that he continued to tinker with his phone as he lay injured on the roadway. As police arrived at the scene, he refused to get up, insisting that he stay in the street until an ambulance could pick him up, which wound up disrupting traffic.

Ordinarily, that would actually be a good idea. If you have a severe injury it’s important to minimize your movement, and wait for professional medical personnel to carefully move your body. Otherwise, you could exacerbate your injuries. In this case however, the man in question was released from the hospital with “minor injuries.” It sounds like he just couldn’t be bothered to move while he was on his phone. The only question is, do stupid people love these gadgets, or do these gadgets make people stupid?

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