A state social worker in Kentucky disliked her neighbors so much that she faked anonymous calls to CPS to report that they were abusing their baby, in an attempt to get them arrested and the child taken away from them.

The Courier-Journal reports that Beth A. Bond, who worked for the state Cabinet for Health and Family Services, handling child abuse and neglect cases, called the CPS abuse hotline several times anonymously to report that her neighbors, Corey Chaney and April Rodgers, were abusing their child.

Bond knew that the CPS system allowed for anyone to anonymously call in cases of child abuse, and that parents would be investigated by police as a result.

She made six calls in total between April 1 and May 23, falsely alleging that the couple who lived above her were taking drugs, throwing their baby against the wall, and dangling the child over the balcony by one leg, among other accusations.

Each time, Chaney and Rodgers, who are completely innocent, were faced with police invading their home and social workers conducting investigations.

“It was all pretty terrifying,” Chaney said. “We couldn’t figure out why anybody would do that.”

Police claim that Bond made the calls following a verbal dispute, but Rodgers is adamant that no such dispute ever occurred, and believes the only motive is that Bond found her neighbors to be too loud.

The report notes:

The couple underwent drug tests and repeated scrutiny by social workers and signed multiple “prevention plans” designed to prevent further abuse, even though Chaney and Rodgers knew the reports to be false.

“It took over our lives,” Chaney said.

The couple eventually convinced police that the calls were bogus after they temporarily moved out of their home with their baby and into Chaney’s parents’ house.

Still the calls kept being placed to CPS, despite the fact that the couple were not at their house. The game was up.

“We were so scared that someone was going to take [the baby] away,” Rodgers said.

The couple were shocked to learn that the CPS system can be abused in such a simplistic way.

“It’s scary to think that she could do this to someone,” Rodgers said.

“There is no way to hold a rogue social worker accountable,” Chaney said. “There’s got to be a system in place to protect families. There’s everything in place to protect anonymous callers.”

“This could happen to anyone,” said the couple’s lawyer Barry Sullivan. “The bottom line is that there was a social worker allowed to run amok because there’s a system in place to protect anonymous callers.”

He also noted that it is alarming to think how many other cases Bond was involved with may have been handled.

Bond resigned before facing disciplinary action, and now faces charges of six counts of complicity to call in false reports, along with her fiancè, Joseph W. Applegate Jr.

Chaney and Rodgers are unhappy that the charges are only considered minor offenses, however.

“You can tear someone’s family apart and it’s a misdemeanor,” Chaney said.

The couple also told reporters that no one has contacted them from the state Cabinet for Health and Family Services to apologize or explain how the situation got so out of hand.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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