After 30 years wrongfully imprisoned for murder on death row, Glenn Ford was released with a $30 gift card.

Under Louisiana law, Ford was entitled more than $400,000 in compensation for the time he spent in solitary confinement at notorious maximum-security facility Angola. Instead, he died penniless on the street.

In an astonishing interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes, the prosecutor who convicted him said the mistake had ruined both their lives. “I did something that was very, very bad,” Marty Stroud told the TV show. “I was arrogant, narcissistic, caught up in the culture of winning.”

Stroud, then 32, helped to convict Ford of robbing and murdering jeweller Isadore Rozeman, for which he was sentenced to death in 1984. Ford had done yard work for Rozeman and was known to be a petty thief. He had even pawned some of the stolen jewellery. But was it enough to convict?

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