– ‘Working excessive overtime without a single day off during the week’
– ‘Living together in crowded dorms and exposure to dangerous chemicals’
– Two explosions in 2011 in China ‘due to aluminum dust’ killed four workers
– Almost 140 injured after using toxin in factory, reports New York Times

Mark Duell 
Mail Online

January 29, 0212

Working excessive overtime without a single day off during the week, living together in crowded dormitories and standing so long that their legs swell and they can hardly walk after a 24-hour shift.

These are the lives some employees claim they live at Apple’s manufacturing centres in China, where the firm’s suppliers allegedly wrongly dispose of hazardous waste and produce improper records.

Almost 140 workers at a supplier in China were injured two years ago using a poisonous chemical to clean iPhone screens – and two explosions last year killed four people while injuring more than 75. The California tech giant had allegedly been alerted to hazardous conditions inside the Chengdu plant in southwest China before the explosions at those plants, reported the New York Times.

‘If Apple was warned and didn’t act, that’s reprehensible,’ Massachusetts Institute of Technology work safety expert Nicholas Ashford told the New York Times.

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