The Clintons, the #NeverTrump GOP faction and their minions aren’t going to relinquish their power and exit the political underworld so easily, says Clinton insider Larry Nichols.

“If Donald Trump doesn’t go all the way, he’s a fool,” Nichols said on The Alex Jones Show Wednesday. “They’re not planning to go away and disappear. These people are like the plague: you may get a case solved but unless you kill the plague it’s not going to go away.”

“You’ve got to remember, they’ve made large promises to people that have put billions of dollars into that Foundation – they can’t walk away from that, – so no, it’s not over.”

Hillary didn’t make her concession speech on election night because she was coordinating with Obama to ensure that she and the Clinton Foundation would be protected with presidential pardons, Nichols said.

“She was checking on Obama, checking to make sure that everything was in place, since they were having to face defeat, making sure that he had her covered with a pardon, making sure that the Clinton Foundation was covered with a pardon,” he continued.

Nichols warned that there’s two other factors that concern him going forward with a Trump presidency: Paul Ryan and a hostile Congress.

“Number one, Paul Ryan,” Nichols said. “Paul Ryan has already said that if Donald Trump tries to build that wall, he has a lawsuit waiting – already got it prepared, a lawsuit to stop him.”

Despite being a Republican majority, Congress will likely block any executive orders Trump may issue to strip away Obama’s previous executive actions, Nichols noted.

“I’ll bet you this: when Donald Trump signs a presidential special order, you bet there’s a recension order signed immediately,” he predicted. “He’s going to fight a Congress that’s going to be vicious.”

As we’ve previously reported, Nichols has correctly predicted a number of events related to the Clintons’ shady dealings, such as Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s decision not to indict Hillary after a mysterious tarmac rendezvous with Bill Clinton, as well as FBI Director Comey’s announcement not to indict her for the second time just days before the election.

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