Highly influential CEO Martin Sorrell suggests that the outcome of the 2016 presidential election has already been decided, remarking, “It doesn’t matter who the Republicans put up…Hillary will win.”

Sorrell’s comment, reported by the DC Whispers website, raises eyebrows given his position as head of, “The single most influential and prominent marketing firm in the world with decades-old ties to the most elite of the elite.”

Sorrell, who is the Chief Executive Officer of WPP PLC (Wire and Plastic Products), has a net worth of over $150 million dollars and is described as having “huge clout” in the world of advertising. “Sorrell’s opinions have huge weight,” reported the Guardian in a 2008 profile.

As DC Whispers highlights, his ties to Fox News, which at times has been antagonistic towards Donald Trump, are also extremely noteworthy.

“WPP and its myriad of affiliates, represents up to HALF of all Fox News ad revenue. WPP’s clients include such corporate giants as Ford, Glaxo Smith, IBM, Microsoft, Nestle, Walmart, Unilever, etc. – clients who in turn represent tens of millions of dollars in monthly ad revenue that keep the lights of Fox News on and pays the salaries of on-air personalities like Megyn Kelly,” reports the website.

“So when someone like Martin Sorrell signals it doesn’t matter who the Republicans nominate because Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President of the United States regardless, it is a prediction/threat that should be taken very seriously.”

As Mac Slavo points out, “Trump has not only been bucking the establishment, as well as contentious Fox News host Megyn Kelly – but he has also taken on some of the very advertisers that Sorrell represents, and Fox News depends on for their operations.”

Sorrell’s comments are in line with similar sentiments expressed by globalists at the recent Davos confab. Sorrell is married to Cristiana Falcone, director of media and entertainment industries at the World Economic Forum.

According to a Reuters report, financial elitists are “alarmed” at the prospect of Trump being the Republican nominee, although they still expect his campaign to falter.

Harvard University’s Niall Ferguson told Reuters that Trump’s chances “could be over before Super Tuesday,” and that populists never win the presidency, but that the public is “mad as hell” and this is what’s driving the Trump phenomenon.

Ferguson was even more candid in comments he made to Bloomberg, asserting, “I think there’s going to be a wonderful catharsis, I’m really looking forward to it: Trump’s humiliation. Bring it on.”

According to columnist Ann Coulter, that “humiliation” could come in the form of a “fake scandal” that breaks right before the Iowa caucus.

As we previously reported, the powerful Bilderberg Group, which counts Ferguson and Sorrell as two of its regular attendees, backed Hillary to become president at its annual confab in June last year.


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