Mac Slavo
September 12th, 2011

The Ulsterman Report, known for their White House insider reports, has published an interview from a Wall Street insider that, if accurate, threatens to fundamentally change the make up and loyalties of the United States Military. According to a Wall Street insider with first-hand knowledge of the goings on in the Obama administration, there are interests within the White House – perhaps going as high as President Obama himself – that are positioning to unionize the entire military. According to the insider interview, the motive for the move is to ensure that U.S. military personnel are “justly represented.”

With Mr. Obama spending much of his time over the last three years placating unions, it is not that far of a stretch to consider this report as a real possibility. As is pointed out in the interview, this is an extremely grave and dangerous situation. A unionized military would become beholden not to the US Constitution or the American people, but rather, to the union bosses in charge of the new military “workers’ parties” that will undoubtedly spring up as a result.

There can be no doubt that the coming election will see a whole new level of class warfare and we can be certain unions and their leadership will be leading the way. The movement is already building and union leaders in recent months have called on President Obama to essentially start a fight with non-unionized America. From the perspective of the White House, the strategy of unionizing the military may seem sound. By unionizing, they will add hundreds of thousands of new democratic voters to the party, while at the same time shifting the loyalties of military personnel to politically align with the expansion of socialist principles across America. No longer will it be about love of country. Insofar as national defense is concerned, this would certainly be a security threat on a number of different levels, namely that a unionized force may be easier to sway in the event of necessary military deployments in U.S. cities.

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