Trump insider and RNC operative Roger Stone joined Infowars Friday to break down the various obstacles Donald Trump faces in his presidential bid, as both the Democrat and Republican establishment power structures pull out all the stops in efforts to derail him.

Detailing how CNN and MSNBC have banned him from appearing on their networks, Stone broke down Trump’s plan to savage the globalists, including Hillary Clinton, whom he says will suffer greatly once word of Bill Clinton’s disowned Black bastard son Danny Williams is revealed:

Stone also took a look back at the Reagan and Nixon administrations, and revealed who he thinks was behind President John F. Kennedy’s assassination:

Prior to his Alex Jones Show appearance, Stone also joined Infowars’ Richard Reeves to give his take on the recent GOP debate held in Texas.

Roger Stone at the Texas Command Center

Trump Insider Live Now:

Posted by Alex Jones on Friday, February 26, 2016

In a special Friday night Facebook Mentions, Stone also revealed he had the inside scoop on the Koch Brother’s plan to throw their support behind Marco Rubio before it was revealed in the press.

Koch Bros plan to Stop Trump -Roger Stone

Posted by Alex Jones on Friday, February 26, 2016

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