COMMENT: We have long warned you about the many cable-boxes and computer systems that already monitor households via hidden microphones. Many video game systems now admittedly monitor users inputs and report them back to a database. Now, here is a system where the potential to monitor homes is built-in to the user interface. Embrace at your own risk.

NY Times
January 5, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO — There will soon be something new to watch on the living room TV: your relatives and friends in different parts of the world.

[efoods]On Tuesday, Panasonic and LG Electronics, two of the top television makers, are to announce that they are integrating the free online calling service Skype into their Internet-connected high-definition televisions.

People who buy these TVs, along with an extra Web camera and microphone accessory designed for the living room, can conduct free, live video chats and phone calls from the couch.

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