Kurt Nimmo
December 1, 2012

The Anonymous hackster collective has announced it will attack Syrian websites outside the country in response to the Syrian government shutting down the internet in that country.

Anonymous’ declaration of war follows a story published in the New York Times on November 28 reporting that the U.S. is ready for direct intervention in Syria.

In a press release issued on Thursday, the shadowy group admitted it “has been working with Syrian activists for well over a year.”

As exhaustively documented by Infowars.com and others, the Syrian opposition is run by the CIA, MI6, and Mossad and funded by the authoritarian monarchies in Saudi Arabia and Qatar and largely composed of elements associated with al-Qaeda.

The press release promises “take-downs, defacements, data dumps, E-Mail bombs and black fax attacks” and says it will begin its attack by targeting the website of the Syrian Embassy in China.

Anonymous created a Twitter account – @OpSyriaIRC – where it planned to post updates, but the account was suspended by Twitter. On Saturday, the targeted Syrian website was functioning normally.

The rhetoric used by Anonymous in the press release posted on the opensource online pastebin site AnonPaste is reminiscent of the propaganda used by the U.S. government and its NATO allies. Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad is characterized as a “butcher” and “his people will remove him from this world. Let the final battle for a free Syria begin,” the Anonymous statement declares.

Following the self-proclaimed hacktavist group’s emergence in 2003 and its cyber attacks on corporations and governments, some observers claimed the group is a CIA or military intelligence operation designed to demonize online activism and set the stage for the implementation of draconian cyber security legislation. Government and corporate groups cited LulzSec and Anonymous lawlessness last June to push the so-called Protect IP Act (known as PIPA).

Anonymous sister organization, LulzSec, was penetrated by the FBI earlier this year. Hector Xavier Monsegur, the leader of the group, worked for the FBI, according to news reports. He was reportedly arrested in Puerto Rico last June, pleaded guilty to hacking charges, and then began working with the FBI, we reported in March.

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