A newly released internal poll of Democratic swing voters found that just 9 per cent have a favorable view of Rep. Ilhan Omar while just 22 per cent view Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez favorably.

The poll “included 1,003 likely general-election voters who are white and have two years or less of college education,” reports Axios.

The results validate the concerns of many Democrats that the party is moving too far left and losing moderate voters in the process.

Ocasio-Cortez was recognized by 74% of voters in the poll with just 22% having a favorable view.

Rep. Ilhan Omar fared even worse, with just 9% having a favorable view with her being recognized by 53% of the voters.

Socialism was viewed favorably by 18% of the voters and unfavorably by 69%, while capitalism was 56% favorable and 32% unfavorable.

According to one top Democrat, “socialism is toxic to these voters,” a message that doesn’t seem to be resonating with fringe voices in the party, who keep on promoting it.

By making people like Omar and AOC the face of the party, Democrats risk losing the House and the presidency, but their obsession with Trump Derangement Syndrome hysteria surrounding non-existent “concentration camps” appears to show no sign of slowing.


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