You’ve found an Infowars censored video cache. Here are a few of our most crucial show segments from Wednesday, Dec. 19 – all of which have been banned and censored by YouTube, Facebook and others. Share these important videos to give a big middle finger to George Soros and the Big Tech censors.

12 Questions That Reveal The War On Humanity

Foreign Owned Federal Reserve Raises Rates To Kill Trump Recovery

Pinterest Declares War On Children

The Government Is Broken, Collapse Is Inevitable

You Will Call CPS After Seeing This Disturbing Video

How The Vatican Is Covering Up Sex Abuse Scandals

Why Did Jack Dorsey Mail His Beard To Azalea Banks?

Full Show – BREAKING: The Democratic Party Officially Embraces NAMBLA As Globalists Move To Crash U.S. Economy – 12/19/2018

Fed Reserve Raises Rates to Raze Housing & Stocks to the Ground – The David Knight Show

You Can Sue for Damage from BABY POWDER, But Not BABY VACCINE Damage – The David Knight Show

Caller: I’ve Been Censored By Facebook, What Can I Do? – War Room

The Patreon Purge Sows The Seeds Of Its Own Destruction – War Room

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