Rob Nordland
New York Times
September 9, 2011

TRIPOLI, Libya — As Interpol issued arrest warrants for the fugitive Libyan autocrat Col. Muammar Qaddafi and two others on Friday, reports came from Niger of a new convoy of high-ranking Libyan officials arriving across the desert.

In Lyon, France, Interpol said in a statement that it had issued so-called red notices calling for the arrests of Colonel Qaddafi, his son, Seif al-Islam, and Abdullah al-Senussi, the head of the former leader’s intelligence agency.

The red notices, which were requested by the International Criminal Court at The Hague for alleged war crimes committed by the three men, require any of Interpol’s 188 member nations to arrest the suspects and turn them over to that court.

Among the member nations is Niger, which borders Libya on the south and has received a number of convoys of loyalist officials fleeing overland. So far, no high-ranking regime figures were confirmed to be accompanying them.

On Friday, according to the Reuters News Agency, 14 loyalist officials arrived in the northern Niger city of Agadez, including General Ali Kana, who is said to be a Tuareg in charge of Qaddafi’s southern troops. Tuareg tribesmen, who live on both sides of the Libyan-Niger border in the Sahara desert, have been major supporters of the Qaddafi regime.

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