‘Progressive’ government mouthpiece routinely attacks Alex Jones, Ron Paul

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, February 13, 2012

An investigation by the Daily Caller has confirmed that the leftist organization Media Matters, which routinely attacks Alex Jones and Infowars, is an Obama administration front that strategizes with the White House on a weekly basis on how to influence and direct the media.

Media Matters has habitually attempted to denigrate and smear Alex Jones and his message of liberty, by dismissing Jones as a crazed “conspiracy theorist” and then connecting him to other targets of their attacks, people like Ron Paul, Glenn Beck, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Lou Dobbs and the Fox News network.

Media Matters also recently defended Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security by impugning an Infowars story about the DHS targeting white middle class Americans as terrorists, and then deriding other media networks for also covering the issue.

The organization has also routinely carried smear attacks implying that questioning the official story behind 9/11 is some kind of thought crime, despite the fact that six of the ten 9/11 commissioners have disputed the government’s account.

A new investigation into Media Matters by the Daily Caller has revealed that the organization conducts “a weekly strategy call with the White House” and that an Obama administration representative meets with Media Matters reps at the Common Purpose Project meeting at the Capitol Hilton on 16th Street in Washington every Tuesday evening.

“Media Matters has been in regular contact with political operatives in the Obama administration,” states the report. “According to visitor logs, on June 16, 2010, (David) Brock and then-Media Matters president Eric Burns traveled to the White House for a meeting with Valerie Jarrett, arguably the president’s closest adviser. Recently departed Obama communications director Anita Dunn returned to the White House for the meeting as well.”

Media Matters brags about how it works with the White House to control big media networks. “We were pretty much writing their prime time,” a former Media Matters employee said of the cable channel MSNBC. “But then virtually all the mainstream media was using our stuff.”

The group also targets journalists who refuse to be water carriers for Media Matters’ propaganda. “If you hit a reporter, say a beat reporter at a regional newspaper,” a Media Matters source said, “all of a sudden they’d get a thousand hostile emails. Sometimes they’d melt down. It had a real effect on reporters who weren’t used to that kind of scrutiny.”

The investigation also reveals that current Media Matters head David Brock lives in paranoia that “right-wing assassins” want to kill him and is regularly surrounded by bodyguards. Brock also carries a gun despite Media Matters’ vehement support for gun control policies.

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As we have previously reported, Media Matters barely even attempts to hide the fact that it is a mouthpiece for the Obama administration and the political elite.

Media Matters is tied at the hip with Think Progress as part of John D. Podesta’s Progressive Media propaganda campaign, described as a “war room for promoting the foreign and domestic policies of Barack Obama.” Podesta, Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff, also helped found Media Matters. The organization also received a $1 million contribution from billionaire globalist George Soros back in 2010.

Podesta, who headed up Barack Obama’s presidential transition team, founded The Center for American Progress, which is tasked with “driving the White House’s message and agenda”.

According to SourceWatch, “CAP’s Progressive Media project emerged as a major communications war room on behalf of Obama’s domestic and foreign policy agenda and CAP became a strong advocate for escalation in Afghanistan. Progressive Media is run through the Center for American Project Action Fund, the more political 501(c)4 arm of CAP. It coordindates closely with the Common Purpose Project, an effort to create message discipline among the pro-Obama organizations, with a direct tie to the White House.”

Media Matters’ sister organization Think Progress, also founded under the umbrella of Podesta’s Center for American Progress, has aggressively attacked Alex Jones, even blaming him for influencing Richard Poplawski in the 2009 murder of three Pittsburgh police officers, despite the fact that numerous other leftist media organizations were forced to retract the baseless claim.

Media Matters has now been completely exposed as little more than an attack dog for the Obama administration. The fact that Alex Jones is regularly smeared by this organization proves that Infowars is hitting the establishment where it hurts and taking flak from the very top of the power structure.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.

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