Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, February 4, 2010

IPCC Boss Unhinged As Greenpeace Demands Resignation 040210top

With the pressure on IPCC boss Rajendra Pachauri increasing as the head of Greenpeace calls for his resignation, one of the most notorious green con artists is showing signs of cracking up, comparing his critics to an imaginary group of people who like to rub asbestos on their faces.

Pachauri has become one of the primary targets following the Climategate revelations, and his reputation was further demolished last week when it was revealed that he is a total hypocrite when it comes to the “green” credentials he thinks everyone else should embrace.

For the one mile journey from his $7 million home to his Delhi office, Pachauri doesn’t walk, cycle, use public transport or hybrid low energy vehicles, he employs a driver to collect him in a a 1.8-litre Toyota Corolla.

“Dr Pachauri – who as IPCC chairman once told people to eat less meat to cut greenhouse gas emissions – was driven to an upmarket restaurant popular with expatriates and well-off tourists just half a mile from his luxurious family home,” reported the Daily Mail.

But it’s Pachauri’s involvement in what has been dubbed “Glaciergate” that has led to calls for his resignation, a mantra joined today by Greenpeace, whose director John Sauven said that Pachauri’s refusal to step down had tarnished the credibility of the IPCC.

[efoods]“The IPCC needs to regain credibility. Is that going to happen with Pachauri [as chairman]? I don’t think so. We need someone held in high regard who has extremely good judgment and is seen by the global public as someone on their side,” said John Sauven.

Pressure increased on Pachauri after it was revealed that the IPCC’s claim that the Himalayan glaciers could melt by 2035 was based on a speculative whim and was not backed by any formal research. The notion that the glaciers could melt within 25 years has since been ridiculed.

Pachauri’s obstinate refusal to quit under the weight of condemnation from his own peers is seemingly having an effect on the former railway engineer’s mental stability.

Responding to his critics in a Financial Times interview, Pachauri says man-made global warming skeptics are “people who say that asbestos is as good as talcum powder”. Expanding on this ludicrous theme, Pachauri expressed his hope that such people “apply it to their faces every day”.

Accompanying his reactionary and immature way of handling criticism is Pachauri’s blind self-delusion that he has done no wrong.

“There is clearly a very obvious intent behind this whole thing. I’m certainly not going to be affected by it. I’m totally in the clear. I have absolutely nothing but indifference to what these people are doing,” Pachauri told the FT.

Unfortunately for him, Pachauri has obviously been abandoned by his fellow warmist colleagues who are hopeful that by offering him up as a sacrificial lamb, the engine of their climate change con can still be saved from the raging inferno of Climategate and the innumerable scandals which have followed.

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