William Young and Alan Cowell
New York Times
January 10, 2011

TEHRAN — Claiming to have infiltrated Israel’s Mossad spy agency, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said on Monday that it had broken up an international network of agents linked to the assassination of an Iranian physics professor last year, state-owned media said.

After a broad investigation, Iran succeeded in arresting “the main agents behind the terrorist incident and dismantle a network comprising of Israeli spies and terrorists,” state-owned Press TV quoted the semiofficial Fars news agency as saying.

It said Israeli intelligence services “had used bases in certain European and non-European countries as well as Iran’s neighboring states in an attempt to achieve its inhuman and non-Islamic goals.”

Those same “bases” had been “used in the assassination of Dr. Masoud Ali Mohammadi,” a physics professor at the University of Tehran who was killed by a remote-controlled bomb attached to a motorcycle outside his home in northern Tehran last January. Iran blamed Israel and the United States for the killing, whose motives have never been fully explained.

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