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January 12, 2012

Back at the end of October, we stumbled on buying patterns in oil futures.  With oil usage down 10% or more in the US, 20% in most of Europe, with China’s buying going “soft” and world oil stockpiles up 40%, oil futures would be worthless except in the case of the Straits of Hormuz being closed by Iran.

The buying was traced down to Israel.  They bought the futures and if oil went under $50 per barrel, not only would that help bring back the economies of the EU and US in a major way, Israel would lose billions and, oddly, so would Iran.

97% of Iran’s money depends on oil exports and the prospect of $50 dollar oil would collapse the current regime in Tehran in two months.

Instead, the current crisis, which has taken oil to over $100 per bbl for no rational reason has been a life saver for Iran.

Who would want that? Israel?

Did they cut a deal with the Mullahs like we said so many weeks ago, a deal to stage a crisis, Israel would buy up futures, Iran would crank out oil and the economies of the US and EU would have to go to the “banking system,” read “Rothschilds” for more money to keep things glued together.

The victim of all this?  Is is America and the EU?  Is the exact same thing being done, world wide, with natural gas as well, another commodity that actually has crashed at the wholesale level but has avoided any retail price drops?

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