On Wednesday Iran released a video showing American sailors surrendering to Revolutionary Guards.

“It was a mistake. That was our fault, and we apologize for our mistake,” said an unidentified sailor in a video clip.

The man admitted a GPS reading indicated the two Riverine boats were in Iran’s territorial waters.

“It was a misunderstanding,” the sailor explained. “We did not mean to go into Iranian territorial water.”

The video also shows weapons and ammunition confiscated by the Iranians.

After diplomatic efforts the American sailors were released on Wednesday.

Iran is demanding the United States apologize for the naval incursion.

In the United States the corporate media criticized Iran for arresting the sailors and taking the Navy boats.

On Fox News Charles Krauthammer said Obama was disconnected from the incident.

“As he was speaking [during the SOTU], the United States was having at the best, being thumbed at by the Iranians, at worst being treated with contempt,” Krauthammer said. “The same way they treated Obama with contempt since he signed the Iran deal with the illegal ballistic missile tests, to which we have responded with nothing. The seizing of a couple of Iranian Americans, the sentencing of The Washington Post journalist. Their — the live fire of rockets by the Revolutionary Guards in the Persian Gulf within 1500 yards of American warships. They are completely unmolested, unrestrained. Clearly what the Iran deal has done is to restrain the United States and to self-deter Obama. And that is something he simply won’t recognize.”

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC tweeted:

A top Iranian military commander said the incident should serve as a lesson for the United States.

“We hope the incident in north of the Persian Gulf, which will not be probably the American forces’ last mistake in the region, will be a lesson to those seeking to sabotage [Iran’s nuclear agreement] at US Congress,” Iranian Armed Forces’ Chief of Staff Major General Hassan Firouzabadi said on Wednesday.

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