Iran unveiled what it described as three new precision guided missiles on Tuesday as President Hassan Rouhani warned of the ‘mother of all wars’ if the US attacks.

Defence Minister Brigadier-General Amir Hatami said it proves Iran ‘will not hesitate for a moment to defend [itself]’ as he viewed the weapons in front of TV cameras.

It comes after President Hassan Rouhani warned the US of the ‘mother of all wars’ if tensions in the Gulf spill over into conflict.

While stressing that Tehran is willing to negotiate over its nuclear programme, Rouhani said that America must drop all sanctions before the country will talk.

He added that while peace with Iran will be ‘the mother of all peace’, ‘war will be the mother of all wars.’

Among the new weapons unveiled by Tehran was a guided missile dubbed Yasin, which has folding wings and is designed to be fired from a drone.

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