Al Bawaba
May 31, 2008

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar on Saturday warned of any Israeli attempt to carry out strike on Iran stressing that “Our response will have no time or geographical limit.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran follows its legitimate goals wisely and authoritatively. The Zionist Regime has lost its vigor to the extent that can not tolerate even Iran’s snap reactions because our answer has no time or geographical restriction,” Najjar told the semi-official Fars News Agency on Saturday. He reiterated that “Any attack or aggression on Iran will be a foolish act, receiving a painful backlash. Iran’s reaction to such a situation will entail grave regret for the enemy.”

“Iranian armed forces in any rank are prepared to give a due response. I, however, believe that the Zionist Regime has got feeble so much that it couldn’t face Hizbollah (of Lebanon) either.”

The Iranian minister also referred to a three-day visit to Iran by his Syrian counterpart Hassan Turkmani and said Iran-Syria defense cooperation under present sensitive conditions will relieve security concerns over Israel’s constant threats and intimidations. “Tehran-Damascus defense relations will meet interests of the two countries and nations, while guaranteeing security of the Muslim and Arab nations and giving friendship messages to whole the Muslim and Arab states,” the minister conveyed.

He also commented on the Syria-Israel indirect peace talks and their impacts on the Iran-Syria relations, especially in the defense domain, and said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran supports Syria in its drive to regain the Golan heights, considering it a success for the country.”

He said that however, he believes Israel has not shown any sign of readiness to relinquish occupation of the Palestinian and Arab lands.

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