Jay Deshmukh
November 4, 2010

TEHRAN (AFP) – Thousands of Iranians chanted “Death to America” as they staged Thursday a mass protest against the “Great Satan” to mark the 31st anniversary of the capture of the American embassy by Islamist students.

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Tehran, meanwhile, welcomed Washington’s decision to list shadowy rebel group Jundallah as a foreign terrorist organisation, saying it was the “right” move, but reiterated its allegation that the US supports the Sunni network.

Iran annually on November 4 marks the anniversary of the capture of the US embassy by Islamist students in Tehran in 1979, months after the Islamic revolution which toppled the US-backed shah.

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On Thursday, waving Iranian flags and carrying anti-US banners alongside posters of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the largely young crowd also shouted anti-Israel slogans outside the now closed US embassy.

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