Press TV
June 29, 2009

After the conclusion of the partial vote recount, Iran’s electoral watchdog, the Guardian Council has confirmed the result of the June 12 poll.

After the announcement of the result of Iran’s presidential election, which saw President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad re-elected to a second four-year term, provoked major protests in the country, the Guardian Council set up a special committee to do a partial vote recount.

[efoods]Iran’s top legislative body confirmed that the recount of 10 percent of the ballot boxes carried out on Monday had shown no irregularities in the vote.

In a letter to Interior Minister Sadeq Mahsouli on Monday, head of the Guardian Council Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, confirmed the result of the polls, state television reported.

“The Guardian Council after studying the issues [surrounding the Iranian election] in numerous sessions, dismisses all the complaints received, and approves the accuracy of the tenth presidential election,” read the letter to the Interior Ministry.


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