Kurt Nimmo
March 4, 2008

In response to Alex’s call for videos demonstrating the psychopathology and sadism of “our troops” in Iraq following the breaking story of David Motari, the alleged Marine puppy killer, listeners have responded on the Prison Planet Forum with a virtual theater macabre of sickness and deranged perversity.

Please note: it is extremely difficult for us to post these videos and we do not do so out of any morbid fascination with murder, torture, and humiliation, but rather as an example of the sort of behavior “our troops” engage in as they go about undertaking the criminal dirty work of the hell spawn neocons. Considering the almost complete lack of coverage of these disgusting events in the corporate media, we feel compelled to post these videos.

Remember, a large percentage of Iraqi veterans end up working for police departments when they finish their “tours” in Iraq — multiple back-to-back tours, obviously to indoctrinate them in sadism and the techniques of inhumanity — and will be used against the American people during the next “emergency” when the reigning decider-commander — Bush, Obama, or Hillary — will impose martial law.


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