Former Bush administration official and key Iraq war planner Paul Wolfowitz said in an interview published Friday that he will likely vote for Hillary Clinton as he believes Donald Trump would be a danger to American national security.

Wolfowitz was one of the fiercest backers of the invasion of Iraq and is frequently described as an “architect” of the war. However, Wolfowitz doesn’t agree with this label. “If I had been the architect, a lot of these things would be different. As a matter of fact, I believed after 9/11, there was reason to get much tougher about the fact that Saddam was blocking the inspections for weapons of mass destruction,” the Bush official said to the German publication Der Spiegel.

Republican nominee Donald Trump has criticized nation-building policies throughout the campaign and has blamed the Iraq war for the rise of ISIS. Wolfowitz pushed back against both of these ideas. He said, “it would be a huge mistake to abandon democracy promotion.”

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