Laura Meckler
The Wall Street Journal
May 27, 2008

John McCain gave a speech about nuclear proliferation today, aimed at separating his policies from those of President Bush. But the big area where they agree made an uninvited intrusion.

A protester carries a sign painted on a bedsheet, at a speech by John McCain at the University of Denver on Tuesday. (Associated Press)

The Republican presidential candidate and Arizona senator didn’t mention the war in Iraq in his prepared remarks, but his speech, at the University of Denver, was interrupted four times by individuals and pairs of people protesting the war.

One chanted, “End this war! End this war!” Another held a bedsheet that read, “Iraq vets against the war.”

At first, McCain ignored the protesters, but after a bit responded with a plea for respect. After the third interruption, he made a joke: “This may turn into a longer speech than you anticipated.”

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