Joan Burton: ‘Adminis(traitor) and Facili(traitor) of Irish Depopulation’: Take Your Vaccines or Have Your Benefits Cut!

Neil Foster
The Sovereign Independent
August 8, 2011

In an article in Friday’s Irish Independent, current Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton, outlined plans to link child benefit payments to school attendance and, wait for it, vaccinations!

This is nothing less than the role out of a program of FORCED vaccination of the nation’s children, particularly from poor families, who rely heavily on such benefits

The theory is that parents should be ‘incentivised’ to vaccinate their children through the threat that their child benefit will be stopped should they fail to do so.

It would now appear that parents are to be given one of options, namely, to either deny the government the right to have your child injected with toxic chemicals widely proven to be detrimental to their health and face the consequences of starving your children due to dire poverty or imply going along with these psychopathic control freaks and killing your own children by allowing the government, as a proxy of big pharma to carry out their population control program on your family.

That to me sounds like despotism which I’m sure many of the readers of this would agree with.

Isn’t it amazing at a time of forced ‘austerity’ the government just happen to come up with this idea all on their own with they’ll say, no outside influence? Yet we know that vaccinations have been used to not only create pandemics but also in widespread sterilisation programs in such countries as Brazil which is quoted in the article as one of the models for this program.

The headline below from August 2008 should certainly raise a few eyebrows amongst the pro-life lobby in Ireland.

“Massive Brazilian Vaccination Raises Suspicions of Covert Sterilization Program”

You can read the full article here:

I recommend that you also read the further links at the bottom of the article to give you an idea of how diabolical this agenda is.

In the case of Mexico, another country cited in the article that this type of program is carried out, we find from F. William Endahl’s highly recommended ‘Seeds of Destruction’ on page 273 we find this little gem:

In the early 1990’s, according to a report from the Global Vaccine Institute, the WHO oversaw massive vaccination campaigns tetanus in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. Comite Pro Vida de Mexico, a Roman Catholic lay organisation, became suspicious of the motives behind the WHO program and decided to test numerous vials and found them to contain human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, or hCG. That was a curious component for a vaccine designed to protect people against lock-jaw arising from infection with rusty nail wounds or other contact with certain bacteria found in soil. The tetanus disease was indeed also rather rare.

It was also curious because hCG was a natural hormone needed to maintain a pregnancy. However, when combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier, it stimulated the formation of antibodies against hCG, rendering a woman incapable of maintaining a pregnancy, a form of concealed abortion. Similar reports of vaccines laced with hCG hormones came from the Philippines and Nicaragua. The Comite Pro Vida organisation confirmed several other curious facts about the WHO program. The tetanus vaccine had been given only to women in the child-bearing ages between 15-45. It was not given to men or children. Furthermore, it was usually given in a series of three vaccinations only months apart to ensure that women had a high dosage of hCG, even though one tetanus injection held for ten years. The presence of hCG was a clear contamination of the vaccine. None of the women receiving the Tetanus hCG vaccine were told it contained an abortion agent. The WHO clearly intended it that way.

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Pro Vida dug further and learned that the Rockefeller Foundation, working with John D. Rockefeller III’s Population Council, the World Bank, the UN Development Program and the Ford Foundation, and others had been working with the WHO for 20 years to develop an anti-fertility vaccine using hCG with tetanus as well as with other vaccines

Among those “others” involved in funding the WHO research was a list which included the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and a number of universities, including Uppsala in Sweden, Helsinki University, and Ohio State University. The list also included the US Government, through its National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, a part of National Institutes of Health (NIH). The latter US Government agency supplied the hCG hormone in some of the anti-fertility vaccine experiments.

The respected British medical journal, The Lancet, in a June 11, 1988 article entitled “Clinical Trials of a WHO Birth Control Vaccine”, confirmed the findings of the Comite Pro Vida de Mexico. Why a Tetanus Toxoid “Carrier”? Because the human body does not attack its own naturally occurring hormone hCG, the body has to be fooled into treating hCG as an invading enemy in order to develop a successful anti-fertility vaccine utilising hCG antibodies, according to G.P. Talwar, one of the scientists involved.

By mid-1993, the WHO had spent a total of $365 million of its scarce research funds on what it euphemistically dubbed “reproductive health”, including implanting hCG into tetanus vaccines. WHO officials declined to explain why women they had vaccinated had developed anti-hCG antibodies.

They dismissed the findings of Pro Vida by claiming the charges were coming from “right to Life and Catholic sources”; as if that should indicate some fatal bias. If you can’t deny the message, at least try to discredit the messenger.

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The above excerpt as stated refers to events in the 1990’s but we can be sure the techniques of the butchers of big pharma have moved on since then.

Bill Gates is of course backed by the same Rockefeller eugenicists in his Planned Parenthood organisation. Here’s what Bill had to say about vaccines recently under the big lie of CO2 being a toxic gas:

Bill Gates wants every human being on the planet vaccinated which I guess excludes him and his psychopathic friends as there’s nothing human about these creeps.

It’s clear that mandatory vaccination is the big plan for those who wish to spread their poisons throughout society and from the previous quoted book it is also clear that this comes from the highest level; the unelected and unaccountable warmongers of the United Nations.

It is their policies which are handed down to individual nations, in this case Ireland, through the UN’s proxy, the European Union.

This isn’t some mad cap scheme dreamed up by Joan Burton, an accountant by profession and a Labour socialist. Her title ‘Minister for Social Protection’ sounds like something straight out of ‘1984’ which should come as no surprise considering we’re now living Orwell’s novel.

There’s also another aspect to this of course which is to slash welfare payments to the most vulnerable in society; those who choose the right not to give their children either a sterilising drug or a health damaging cocktail of vaccinations as prescribed by government officials with no background in vaccines or health matters whatsoever who simply parrot Big Pharma propaganda leaflets to ‘inform’ the public of the merits of toxic drugs which they then use the public purse to purchase from the same Big Pharma companies that supplied the lobbyists and propaganda sheets to the politicians. It’s just a cosy little club of corruption from start to finish.

So Joan Burton, are you willing to starve children so that you can force vaccinations on the rest of the public and presumably remove children from parents who refuse to be blackmailed by criminals like yourself and your gang in government?

You have no right to impose legislation which takes away the rights of parents to decide what is best for their children regardless of their place in this society.

In doing so you remove the right to call yourself the ‘Minister for Social Protection’

A more fitting label would be ‘Adminis(traitor) and Facili(traitor) of Irish Depopulation!

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