In January of 2010, NBC news anchor Brian Williams said, “we can’t say what we would like to” when discussing the news that baseball player Mark McGwire “stopped lying today” and admitted to the use of steroids.

“Because this is a family broadcast we probably can’t say what we would like to about the news today that Mark McGwire, the home run hitter, the fan favorite from the St. Louis Cardinals, stopped lying today and admitted that he did it while on steroids,” Williams said during the January 11, 2010 Nightly News broadcast.

“He didn’t tell the truth to Congress or to his fans until finally, formally coming clean today. He’s been unable to get into the Hall of Fame and apparently even for him the shame here was too much.”

After a reporter presented a video package on McGwire’s career and confession to using steroids Williams said, “Kind of an American tragedy the way it’s ended so far.”

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