May 17, 2013

Holly Paz, director of the Office of Rulings and Agreements at the IRS, is an Obama supporter who donated $2,000 to his election campaign in 2008, according to a National Review Online search of the Open Secrets database.

The House Oversight Committee has asked five senior IRS officials make themselves available for interviews next week, including Ms. Paz, after it was discovered the taxation agency had subjected Tea Party groups to inappropriate scrutiny when they applied for nonprofit tax-exempt status.

Paz heads up the office responsible for the improper targeting.

“Data from the Center for Responsive Politics indicate that Paz’s donations are consistent with broader trends at the IRS, where agency employees donated overwhelming to President Obama in both the 2012 and 2008 presidential Elections,” writes Eliana Johnson for the NRO website.

On May 15, IRS employees working in the department Paz manages were told not to delete data from their computer hard drives. The move is seen as an indication that the inspector general’s office is expanding its investigation of the IRS.

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