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June 23, 2010

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Americans are no longer prepared to take care of their basic needs without the involvement of the federal government. The majority of Americans have relinquished the responsibility of their future survival to bureaucrats. How and when did we, as an intelligent and formerly self-reliant populace, decide to become wards of the state?

Since September 11, 2001 this country has faced numerous disasters both man-made and natural. It is evident after these disasters the majority of the population is unable to fend for themselves without government assistance. In only a matter of days, people run out of food and water, no longer able to take care of their families. They then expect some level of government to open up centers which will provide the necessary sustenance to support their families during these emergencies. Basic needs cannot be met without outside assistance. In less than 60 years Americans have lost the knowledge and will to be self-sufficient. How did this happen?

The federal government, in conjunction with large food suppliers, has seduced the citizens into servitude. The greater part of the population no longer maintains more than seven days of food supply in their homes (paycheck to paycheck). Some may argue this is untrue but it is imperative to be able convert raw foodstuffs into an edible product. If you have basic ingredients but no water, heat source, or electricity those raw foodstuffs might as well be located on another planet. American citizens have succumbed to the lie that everything will be available to them at all times in all circumstances. Americans now spend their money on frivolous goods and services which will not protect them against a possible disaster. If one had the ability to inspect any citizen’s food supply they would be minimal and nutritionally harmful. Food products purchased today are processed to the point of having the actual nutrients degraded in the attempt at extending shelf life. Even Americans themselves seem to have a shelf life after death. A lifetime ingesting foods packed with preservatives and the residuals have significantly altered the very essence of what makes our bodies tick. Americans have fallen into the trap of a never-ending supply of food stuffs from the local grocery store. The just in time inventory system we mimicked from the Japanese has certainly increased efficiency but it has greatly increased risks in food supply if interruptions occur. No one ever questions what happens if that supply suddenly stops or their income ceases to exist.

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