Leaked sketches suggest Bush, like former presidents LBJ and Nixon, may be suffering depression after corrupt terms

Aaron Dykes
February 8, 2013

Hacked emails now leaked to the press of Bush family members and friends reveal a series of correspondence concerned about the hospitalization of the elder Bush, arrangements for family gatherings and events, as well as photos of Bush the Younger painting… and sitting around in a bathtub sketching his feet, then his reflection while standing in the shower.

The hacker left his watermark “Guccifer” on the leaked photos, but not the sketches, and is reportedly now under investigation by the Secret Service. But it offers a little seen glimpse at the 43rd president.

These sketches and photos suggest that he spends a lot of time reflecting and, perhaps, stewing in his own juices:

Leaked sketches of George W. Bush painting his feet in the bathtub
Leaked sketches of George W. Bush painting his reflection in the shower

Former presidents LBJ and Nixon both sunk into deep depressions after they left office, sunken, perhaps, by a combination of leaving the busy public life and its frequent and serious stimuli, as well as the pressure of guilt, regret and other emotions over their roles in some of the most controversial and unscrupulous presidential actions, to which the public reacted with strong disapproval.

LBJ had JFK, the Gulf of Tonkin and the Vietnam conflict. Nixon too shared Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and of course, had Watergate. Bush had 9/11, the phony WMDs, the PATRIOT Act, torture and the shameful War on Terror.

Has Bush’s legacy — along with widespread public hatred, ridicule and calls for impeachment — left him depressed?

Reports circulated in 2004 claiming that then President 43 was taking “powerful anti-depressant drugs to control his erratic behavior, depression and paranoia.” Speculation about the president’s depression and coping mechanisms continued through the end of his second term.

Leaked photo of George W. Bush painting

Lyndon Baines Johnson, a thoroughly corrupt Texas politician, gained office through the death of JFK, and held office during the high profile assassinations of MLK and RFK, when Johnson stunned political observers and declined to run for re-election. He died four years, almost to the day, after leaving office, reportedly after suffering from severe depression. Lawyer and close LBJ associate Barr McClellan wrote the 2003 book Blood, Money & Power, which implicated LBJ in the Kennedy assassination, and reported on his swift decline after office:

“He was exhausted. The emotions of paranoia and depression left him weakened. The decision was spur of the moment. He instantly regretted it. Clark did not know and never forgave him. By 1968, Johnson was a broken man and could take no more.”

Nixon’s resignation after the pressure from the Watergate scandal threatened impeachment, was bitter and reluctant, much like his narrow loss to Kennedy in the 1960 presidential race and subsequent embarrassing defeat to Pat Brown for California governor in 1962, after which he bitterly told the press, “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.”

Nixon after Watergate was reportedly paranoid, reclusive, unhinged and depressed. He took frequent long walks on the beach, rarely meeting with the press or public eye, and used his Phlebitis illness to avoid subpoenas to testify in trials for his former cabinet officials after being formally pardoned by Gerald Ford.

Bush 43 swiftly left the limelight, with the celebrity and precedent of Obama, the first black president, taking over the media focus with deafening thunder, effectively giving the first presidential dynastic successor since John Quincy Adams (the 6th president), a clean get away from public scrutiny and frequent criticism.

The Bush political family is solidly rooted in Skull & Bones, and the skullduggery of East Coast blue bloods. His grandfather Prescott Bush worked in Wall Street banking for railroad heir and fellow bonesman Averill Harriman and played a prominent role in financing the Nazis before becoming Senator. His father, George H.W. Bush, worked the oil business before entering politics, while rising to power through his ties to the covert intelligence networks Skull & Bones had used to found the CIA, which Bush 41 would head in the mid-1970s. Previous Bushes were involved in WWI munitions profiteering and Rockefeller oil interests, and the dynasty is overall deeply tied to the shadow network that has hijacked the country.

George W. Bush, like LBJ and Nixon, was thoroughly complicit in the crimes of his administration, yet was also overwhelmed, chewed up and spit out by the shadow government system that used these puppet presidents to incrementally siphon off the Constitutional powers and protections through a long train of abuses. These used-vessels are left behind to carry the blame, scorn and weight of a dark, looming legacy that has undone the country. History is filled with such men, who did anything to gain power, but felt the stinging poison of their own medicine in decline.

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