Kurt Nimmo
January 12, 2011

Never mind a recent poll that shows most Americans do not think “violent political rhetoric” has anything to do with the Giffords shooting. The corporate media does not give a whit about the common sense of the American people. It has an agenda – demonize all political challenges. The Tea Party – even the co-opted Tea Party with Sarah Palin at its helm – represents a dire threat.


The CIA’s favorite newspaper, the Washington Post, has published a cartoon showing a gunman popping out of a tea pot and firing several rounds. The person portrayed as the shooter is a disheveled, unshaven, wild-eyed white male.

In 1948, Phil Graham of the Washington Post was recruited to run Operation Mockingbird, the CIA effort to “own” – as Deborha Davis writes in Katharine the Great – the corporate media and turn it into a military intelligence asset. The primary objective of the corporate, CIA owned media is to neutralize any individual or political group that threatens the hegemony of the ruling elite.

“There’s been a coup, have you heard? It’s the CIA coup. The CIA runs everything, they run the military,” Ron Paul said last year. “They are a government unto themselves. They’re in businesses, in drug businesses, they take out dictators… We need to take out the CIA.”

The CIA is determined to take out the original Libertarian Tea Party. Demands to “tone down the rhetoric” issued by journos and script-reading coiffured talking heads that can be had “cheaper than a good call girl” – as one CIA operative told Davis — illustrate just how desperate the establishment is to make sure average Americans sit down, shut up, and acquiesce to the elite running the show in the district of criminals.

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At this point we have no evidence that Jared Lee Loughner is a brainwashed Manchurian Candidate assassin unleashed by the CIA to create an order out of chaos political atmosphere. The CIA is notorious for its use of assassination to shape the political environment. It should figure high on the list of suspects.

Regardless of the details, we know the state is the number one purveyor of mass murder and genocide. “The violence of government is all around us, 24/7,” writes Murray Sabrin. “From taxation to regulations to military adventurism, the federal government has become a role model for individuals prone to violence. If the government can use violence to achieve its goals, then violence becomes acceptable in the minds of the unstable.”

As Sabin notes, the role model for violence is not heated political rhetoric, but the actions of government officials. “This is not to condone violence against any government official. On the contrary, we should criticize unequivocally their use of violence against the people, while we work toward reestablishing liberty as the highest social good.”

The government – under direct control of a coterie of international bankers and their multinational corporations – is responsible for almost unimaginable feats of mass murder and destruction, most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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If they will kill nearly a million and a half Iraqis in order to realize domination through order out of chaos, they will not blink an eye at gunning down one of their political hirelings in order to neutralize perceived threats.

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